-The 103rd Congress of the Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society-

Information for Participants

The 103rd Congress of the Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society (103JGES) will be a hybrid event with onsite and online participation taking place together with the 3rd World Congress of GI Endoscopy (ENDO2022). Those who register either 103JGES or ENDO2022 can participate and watch both programs.

We are happy to support individually those who consider making a registration to the 103JGES and seek English assistance. Considering the Japanese government's COVID-19 restriction on entering Japan, please understand that we do not support visa applications.

The pre-registration is scheduled to start at 1:00 pm on April 8, 2022 (JST). Please e-mail 103jges@coac.co.jp. The registration fee is 15,000 JPY (Doctors)/ 3,000JPY (Medical staff) and is asked to pay by credit card.

If you DO NOT require the credit number from JGES can register from ENDO2022's website at a discount price. https://worldendo2022.org/congress-registration/

Online Participation

Registrants can watch the programs of both 103JGES and ENDO2022 online from the 103JGES website. The instructions for how to watch them will be provided once registration is completed.

Registrants through ENDO2022's website: Please refer to https://worldendo2022.org.

Onsite Participation

If you participate onsite, you are asked to cooperate with infection-prevention measures, including temperature checks at the entrance to the venue and wearing masks all the time. If you have any concerns about your health, please participate online on the day.

The venue will be operated in accordance with Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 [8th Edition], Kyoto International Conference Centre.

Registration Desk

New Hall, 1st Floor, Kyoto International Conference Center

Opening hours
15:00 ~ 19:00, Thursday, May 12
7:30 ~ 18:30, Friday, May 13
7:30 ~ 18:00, Saturday, May 14
7:30 ~ 16:00, Sunday, May 15

Name Tag

Please fill in your name and affiliation on your name tag and wear it all the time. Upon registration, each participant will receive a name tag. You will be asked to submit the attendance certification on the name tag when you apply for and renew the Japanese Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Specialist and Supervising Physician. Please mind that name tags cannot be reissued.

We would be grateful for your cooperation in preventing infection and ensuring safety.